These are the Hottest Features we released this quarter

This quarter we launched a bunch of cool new features. To make sure you’re getting the most out of Softmogul, here’s a roundup.

These are the Hottest Features
we released this quarter

Every month our team works to improve existing features, review customer suggestions about new one, do research on what feature might bring value to our customers and most importantly, develop and release new ones. We aim to provide to Softmogul’s customers an experience that keeps getting better and better as they keep using our system more and more.

Most of the features we develop nowadays, as slightly touched upon, are suggestions that have come from hotel owners and managers that use our software; which shows our commitment to listening and understanding our customers and their needs. If you would like to suggestion a new feature on how we can improve our system, let us know at any time. When our clients thrive, so do we. A joint effort can bring faster commons desired results. Without any further ado, let’s dig into the new key features we released on the first two months of 2020.

Floor Planning

All our apps receive equal attention and love when we consider what feature to develop next. This time Cashier received a major one. With floor planning in Cashier you have a clean slate to decide how and where to place your tables, deckchairs and other resting or sitting items.

You can finally match the look on the outside with how they are placed on your iPad screen or vice versa. This firstly helps in lowering confusion and checking and tracking performance better. You can see how a table or deckchair is performing. At what hour they stated operating and stop for the day, see what items were ordered, check peak hours, etc. A complete dissection and review of your sales flow.

Multiple Currencies

As the number of hotels that use Softmogul and its software continues to rise, so does the number of countries in the world where our system has found usage. Naturally, different counties have and use unique currencies and also in a number of counties, multiple currencies are used. To address both these elements, we worked on a multi-currencies feature. Now you can sell your rooms, services, amenities and items in different currencies. Even choose if one of the above mentioned be sold in A currency and another in B currency. This feature is a real facilitator, you can serve easily domestic and international customers, who prefer to use the currency of their country of origin, or you can go for a pricing policy that suits your business better.

Cash Drawer

The Cash Drawer has received some noticeable updates. Now it has a brand-new UI & UX design.

This goes in line with our continuous update of our system’s overall UI/UX, that make it even easier to use and grasp by users and to provide an even more seamless and fluid experience. Additionally, we have added a Report Feature, named Employee Sales. This feature allows you to see the total of all cash transactions an employee has performed from the moment they have started a drawer. It might come in handy to value individual performance or see which specific units, areas or items are performing better.

Agencies Code

We’re doing some additions for agencies as well. Usually a hotel using Softmogul can easily in the system allot a specific number or rooms and room types to an agency. We are taking the process a step further. Now in their dashboard, hotels can generate a unique code for the agencies they cooperate with.

These agencies by placing the code on their site or using it directly, can automatically book those rooms, which have been allotted to them. No need for clarification calls, double checking or going back and forth. Saving time is one of our main tasks in hospitality, now those reservations slide smoothly into the system and done.

We hope that these features come in handy to you and your hotel’s operations. Stay assured that we are working on other ones to provide you an even better experience. And as always, if you’ve got any suggestion, we will listen and we will work on it.

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