Softmogul has a brand new look!

Softmogul has a brand new look!

For the past 2 years, Softmogul has been working on developing cutting edge technologies that everyone can easily use and access. Solutions that help businesses deliver efficient management, memorable experiences and most importantly grow. As we strongly believe, to give all the chance to become a Mogul.

As the days pass, we witness at firsthand how our team is rapidly growing and how Softmogul is establishing and expanding itself in the global market. We’re new to the game, but we aim to go far and each one of our talented individuals is working to make that a reality, plus on a few surprises.

That spirit, the passion and dedication put in finishing each product in order to set a new standard, in conjunction with our vision, mission and goals, we want to communicate through our brand image, but for quite some time we couldn’t manage to do it the right way. Hence the creative team started the work, to come up with an end product that truly captured the identity of Softmogul, who we are and what we stand for.

After a series of competitive ping-pong matches and brainstorm meetings, we decided to start with step 1, our logo. The old logo is a fine one but not a great one, and we always aim to bring out the best that we can. Never satisfied by simply something categorized as ok, we are looking for the exceptional, versatile and innovative, especially in the products that we offer to our customers.

So the creative team decided that the new symbol of our brand should be built upon three pillars, the trinity of what defines the Softmogul formula. Firstly it should be simple, the same way our products are to use and system to grasp. Secondly is has to be avant-garde, showing the way we approach solutions, bringing something totally fresh and different to the table. Lastly it had to be timeless. As mentioned a bit, we are working on building only the foundations of a brand much larger than what Softmogul currently is. We want to branch out into diverse industries and make real our mission to constantly facilitate the way services operate.

Our DNA visualized

The Design Team hit the jackpot with our new logo, from the way how it is shaped and formulated structurally, to what it represents and projects as an image. The symbol is now a modern and bold one, a recognizable image, that people can identify and epitomizes that spirit we were talking about.

The first thing that the eye sees is a monogram formed by the combination of an S and an M. Except the obvious link with our company’s name, this was done to show how the apps in our suite of products are interconnected and function as one. Diverse components meet in a one place solution for any need and demand businesses might have.

The SM is under the contours of a square, representing a key element in the nature of how our products are used, them being digital ones functioning in the ecosystem of any modern device’s screen.

Softmogul’s new logo can take now the dye of any color, displaying our products ability to be used in the way the user wants them to be used. We are here to help, guide and facilitate substantially the way your services work, but at the end of the day, the client is the one in control and the system is there to firstly serve him.

The boldness of the logo was set in this way to emphasis the structural strength of our products, their robustness and crucial as well their level of security. An impenetrable shield, to help you fight your way through the challenges of an highly competitive market and pave the way to much desired success.

Step one accomplished.

The limbs

With a new logo, another wave rises after it, the need for new symbols. We’re steadily reshaping our entire brand image and focusing on them felt like a natural extension in this process.

Once more a key component in crafting these icons was that they had to be simple and minimalistic at the greatest extent possible and still on the other hand recognizable for what they stand for. Housekeeping still needed to be Housekeeping, and the same goes for our other products. The person who is going to use the app, is the one who firstly needs to understands what that icon represents.

The lines on these icons convey dynamism and energy, you can spot easily how two simple movements form the entire main structure of the symbol. The colors swiftly strengthen or soften depending on the way you look at it. There is a silent theme that connects all these symbols, you know they belong to the same family of applications, yet each of them still has its own identity. This is the Softmogul spirit, constantly evolving, improving and being unique.

More is soon to come, meanwhile the work continues or as we like to call it at the office, to “bake” new exciting solutions.

All aboard the hype train!

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